The 2019 Ford F-150 Works Smarter and Harder

The 2019 Ford F-150 rolls out of the manufacturing plant with a starting price of slightly more than $28,000. Crystal Ford offers test drives in seven models of this light-duty pickup truck.

A 4x4 drive system helps the F-150 maintain good traction on off-road trails and unmarked paths. In the unlikely case that the wheels get stuck, you can use front tow hooks to fix the problem. This durable vehicle also has hitch receivers and other hardware for towing trailers of various classes. Whether you need to transport equipment for a construction project or a camping trip, you can trust the F-150 for long and short towing trips.

This Ford model is available with stylish and durable wheels that have machine-finished textures. For example, the 20-inch wheels come with the Caribou Color King Ranch design. BSW and OWL tires with all-season ratings are highly recommended for navigating Crystal River in this pickup truck.

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