Explore the Technologic Features of the Ford Focus

When you need a sub-compact car that is equipped with the modern technology that can keep you safe on the road, don't look further than the 2018 Ford Focus. With driver-assist technologies and compatibility with iPhones or Androids, you won't have to worry about anything.

Cameras and sensors around the car will sense other vehicles that are approaching yours and alert you. The Blind Spot Information System can let you know when it's safe to change lanes, and a cross-traffic alert will make it easy to back up from a parking spot. The Lane Keeping System will make sure that you're staying within your lane.

Backing up is one of the most dangerous parts of driving. The standard rear-view camera shows you exactly what is behind you so that you can take actions to avoid any obstructions. Crystal Ford in River, FL can show you how to operate any of these features.

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