The Conveniently Designed Ford Escape

Here at Crystal Ford, we are often asked to point our customers in the direction of a vehicle that will make their daily lives a little bit easier. The answer is obvious - the new Ford Escape. As soon as Crystal River, FL drivers learn more about this compact SUV's convenience features, they will understand why it is one of the most popular vehicles in its class.

If you tend to carry a lot of cargo with you every day, you will certainly appreciate the Escape's ample storage space. With the rear seats up, you can enjoy an impressive 34 cubic feet of cargo room. With the seats folded down, the Escape's storage space increases to a massive 68 cubic feet.

The new Ford Escape also offers you a spot for the smaller items in your life. Its center console and media bin provide the perfect place to put your wallet, phone, earbuds, and spare change.

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