Ford Fusion Hybrid Design Features

One of the most popular hybrid options in Crystal River, FL, the Ford Fusion Hybrid combines eco-friendly features with optimum safety to create a car that “goes green.” The LCD smart gauge features two modes: engage and empower. These modes help you keep track of your fuel efficiency while monitoring your eco-friendliness and power with glow-green leaves. The more energy you save, the more leaves you grow.

Aesthetics matter and the Ford Fusion Hybrid is gorgeous in various colors with a five-bar grill design with a chrome finish and 17-inch silver-sparkle aluminum wheels. Exterior-wise, the automatic emergency braking system ensures an accident-free ride. The side mirrors are dual powered and operated with a push-button from the interior driver’s dash.

At Crystal Ford, we are well-versed in the details and eco-efficient features of the Ford Fusion Hybrid. We are happy to share our knowledge, but you’re more likely to make a better-informed decision if you come down for a test drive.

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