The Ford Edge Has Technology That Provides Access to a Practical Mobile Service

If you want peace of mind while driving, you'll benefit from buying a Ford Edge because it has equipment that runs FordPass. This service has an app, and you can launch it on a tablet or smartphone.

The Ford team develops FordPass for people who need assistance during daily routines. This service has a feature that locks and unlocks doors from a distance and a mode for maintenance. While FordPass is activated, you won't have to grab the owner's manual for the Edge whenever you need to gather information about mechanical systems since the software provides easy access to key vehicle details.

FordPass is a service that will only work after its activated. It isn't the only technology that's included with the Ford Edge. If you want to examine and use the Edge's standard entertainment and safety technologies, the crew at Crystal Ford in Crystal River, FL can help. We break down technologies, explain benefits, and provide test drives.

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